Half a century

Last weekend after months of digging in my heels I finally got to the half century mark. I wasn’t particularly happy about this, even after being constantly reminded that at least I had got to this age and in good health. Most of the people who reminded me of this are folks in a very different situation to my own….but anyway that’s by the by,let’s just say that by fifty I was supposed to have made several decisions about how and where I would be spending the next few decades of my life and I can safely say I have no idea whatsever, but I can hear the clock ticking and it feels like my ankles are still tied together. Hmmmm….

Anyway changing the subject, my dear peony, of which I had high hopes of which I thought would provide me with an abundance of jolly flowers is looking pretty sick. I’m hoping that in Spring it ‘ll surprise me and shoot up out of the ground to brighten up my garden. The garden is also looking fairly awful at the moment due to my dog Molly’s stick chasing and sock burying activities…..a problem not easily solved if I want to have a happy dog